A physics, maths, music and music tech student that sometimes plays the guitar, and yes, I'm a muser.
I have a youtube btw:

Vow of The Viper - Tom Bellingham - Original Song

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Tom Bellingham - A Tale of Tyrion - Original Song

this is the first of my Game of Thrones character songs. Please share, like and subscribe. Also suggest new characters :)


the internet summed up in one gif set

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[ video ]

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fukn quiz me pricks |

a Game of Thrones medley

I’m thinking of doing a youtube series of songs, each for a different character or house, telling the stories and background etc. Suggestions?


me: hey babe wanna come over?
bae: i’m busy
me: my parents aren’t home ;)
bae: oh that’s too bad, i was really looking forward to talking Obamacare with your dad. maybe next time

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